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About John Cummings

With a specialty in investor relations and corporate communications, John Cummings began his career as an Economic Development Manager for the State of Wyoming, where his biggest accomplishment was permitting a $100 million coal mine. He left Wyoming to pursue employment in Portland, Oregon, and took on a position as Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications with Nerco, a publicly traded subdivision of PacifiCorp, an electric power company that serves the northwestern United States. John Cummings maintained responsibility for directing valuation strategies to optimize value for shareholders. One of his major accomplishments was a successful initial public offering of $500 million.

In the early 1990s, John Cummings relocated to Denver, Colorado, where he became Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications with John Manville, a manufacturer of insulation, roofing, and other engineered products. He helped discover new opportunities for corporate growth through the evaluation of possible acquisitions. Ultimately he helped sell the firm to Berkshire Hathaway and conducted a $1.5 billion initial public offering for Riverwood International. John Cummings then found employment with Genesis, where he served as a Partner and offered corporate positioning strategy consultation.

Most recently, John Cummings served as Principal for Simplicity Communications, where he helped clients improve sustainability strategies, practices, and reporting. Previously, he served as the President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute. He also volunteered his time as a member of its Board of Directors. He served as Vice President and Treasurer. Additionally, John Cummings earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology from the University of Wyoming.

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