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About Sustainability Reporting

John Cummings, a businessman well versed in the growing field of sustainability reporting, helps companies publicize their values as principal with Simplicity Communications. Professionals such as John Cummings and his peers provide increasingly essential solutions that support large and small businesses in their efforts to communicate their sustainability accomplishments to customers and to the wider public.

Sustainability reporting involves scrutinizing key business features ranging from organizational structures to environmental impacts and compiling them in one easy-to-access document. The reports satisfy several different and equally important needs. First, sustainability reports assist companies in their efforts to understand their own ecological footprint and to set goals to improve or implement sustainability processes. Secondly, the reports satisfy the public’s desire to understand how the business community positively and negatively affects the environment. Finally, stakeholders such as local government and investors benefit from gaining insights into a firm’s sustainability commitments.

Companies interested in creating sustainability reports can solicit guidance from the Global Reporting Initiative, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the International Organization for Standardization, the United Nations Global Compact, and experts trained in sustainability communications.


NIRI Chapter Provides Sponsorship Opportunities to Qualified Members

An experienced corporate communications executive, John Cummings is a principal at Simplicity Communications. John Cummings previously served as president of the National Investor Relations Institute, Rocky Mountain Chapter. The chapter aims to advance the field of investor relations through programming and networking.

Investor relations straddles the worlds of finance and corporate communications. Investor relations officers play a key role in brand positioning with the investment community. Successful companies engage their investment audiences by delivering strong brand positioning with credible and consistent messaging. Brand positioning helps investor relations officers get their story out to target audiences.

The role of the investor relations officer (IRO) has changed signficantly over the past 25 years. Historically the investor relations role involved communications and public relations. Today the modern IRO enjoys a seat at the table with the executive suite in areas including strategic and business planning, regulatory compliance, and corporate sustainability and development.

John Cummings is a former investor relations and corporate communications officer that uses his deep industry insight to fuse investor relations with brand positioning and business sustainability.